COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) resources – DRAFT

About COVID-19

COVID-19 is a new coronavirus disease that can cause a fever, cough and breathing problems. Older adults and people with other health issues are at higher risk for severe illness.


We are here to help you stay safe while you dialyze. Read the latest recommendations below and speak with members of your dialysis care team if you have any questions.

Six key reminders for our patients on dialysis

1. Come to dialysis. Call ahead of arriving if you have a cough, fever or shortness of breath.

2. Stay at home when you are not at dialysis. Staying at home is safest for people on dialysis as they are at higher risk of serious illness.

3. Practice social distancing even at home and especially if someone in your home is ill. Make every effort to disinfect door handles, light switches and bathrooms. Cook separately and use different dishes if possible.

4. Have a supply of medications. Have 90 days worth of medications at home.

5. Avoid the grocery store. Ask family members, friends or neighbors to go to the grocery store for you.

6. Have a back-up transportation plan. Dialysis is lifesaving. Have back-up transportation arranged to make sure you make your treatments.

Stay safe and be prepared

Practice good hygiene

  • Cover coughs and sneezes and throw used tissues in the trash.
  • Wash hands often and well, and don’t touch your face.
  • Clean and disinfect things you touch frequently, like handles, faucets and switches. Use household cleaning spray or a wipe to disinfect items. DO NOT mix bleach with other household cleaners as this can cause serious injury.

Review emergency plans

Stay informed

What we're doing at Northwest Kidney Centers

Protecting people in the clinic

We are screening all patients and staff members upon arrival to our dialysis facilities. If a patient has symptoms, they wear a mask and dialyze away from other patients. Their care team wears a mask and a face shield with coat and gloves, and in certain circumstances, a gown.

Cleaning frequently

We are cleaning diligently regularly throughout the day, using products that kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Limiting visitors at dialysis

We are keeping every non-essential person out of the dialysis clinic to minimize risk of virus transmission. A single visitor necessary to a patient’s well-being is the only exception. That visitor is screened for symptoms upon arrival. If a visitor is ill, they are sent home.

We're here for you

COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) has come as a shock to many people around the world. It’s easy to feel scared or overwhelmed. With social distancing and staying at home, it can also be lonely. Talk to friends and family on the phone to stay connected, stretch or exercise if you can and try to get out in the fresh air if possible.

Stay calm and be informed. Have a plan and talk to your dialysis care team if you have any concerns. We’re here for you.