From fundraising to educational outreach, we host and participate in many events throughout the year. Join our community -- learn more about what we do and the patients we support.

Raising money

As a nonprofit, we put your gifts straight back into carrying out our mission. Your help means we can provide services to patients and our community above and beyond basic patient care. Our two annual fundraising events, the HopeBuilders Luncheon and Discovery Gala, give us a chance to share our work with the community, and to raise money for programs that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Raising awareness

Education is a key part of our mission. We want people in our community and beyond to understand what kidney disease is, how to stop it or slow it down and the different ways to treat it. In addition to offering classes for patients at all stages of the disease, we also hold and participate in outreach events, letting people know that it is possible to live a full life with kidney disease.

Your impact

As a nonprofit, we’re owned by the community. Funds raised through our special events go directly to patient care services, educational outreach and life-changing research. Your support impacts:

  • Charity care — additional support for those in need
  • Emergency grant program — support for nutritional supplements, medications, transportation, food and shelter
  • Groundbreaking research — current studies on drug therapies and innovative technologies that could give patients more options for treating their kidney disease
  • Educational outreach — free, specialized classes for people at all stages of chronic kidney disease, from pre-dialysis patients to transplant recipients

Discovery Gala

The 2021 Discovery Gala, set for Saturday, October 9 at 5:30 p.m., will be virtual this year. We’ll come together to support and celebrate kidney research and enjoy a live auction, live music, insights into cutting edge research, and more!

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