Am I at Risk?

One in three American adults is at risk of developing kidney disease. Many already have it, but show no symptoms and remain unaware of the health problems it causes.

Risks to kidney health

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common causes of chronic kidney disease, and research has shown other risk factors that make it more likely that kidney disease could affect you. Learning the risks is the first step toward keeping your kidneys as healthy as possible. 

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A guest and a volunteer during a kidney health screening at our Kidney Health Fest.

Kidney disease risk quiz

Kidney disease affects people of all ages and races. Yet, certain factors like your ethnicity, family history or an existing medical condition may place you at greater risk. Our risk quiz is an easy way to find out if your kidney health is threatened.

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A guest gets her blood pressure taken during a health screening at
our Kidney Health Fest.

Kidney disease symptoms

You can feel fine and still have chronic kidney disease. Often, you have no noticeable symptoms until your kidneys are severely damaged. Getting tested before you feel sick is the best way to protect your kidney health. If you do have symptoms, they can include:

● Swelling in your feet or legs, or around your eyes

● High blood pressure

● Itching


● Nausea

● Poor appetite

● Changes in urination or blood in urine

● Pain in your side or back

● Tiredness

● Sleep problems

● Trouble concentrating

● Bad taste in your mouth