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Taking an active role in your treatment is the key to living a long, healthy life with kidney disease.
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Find a kidney doctor

Finding a nephrologist — a doctor who specializes in kidneys — is the first step to take after you’ve been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. We work with the region’s leading nephrologists. Use our list to find one near you.

Find a kidney doctor

Nephrologist Dr. Paramita Mukherjee

Discover treatment options


The most common treatment for kidney failure, dialysis is an artificial system designed to do the work your kidneys no longer can. Dialysis removes wastes and extra fluid from your body. You may choose to get dialysis in a center or do it at home. The two main types of dialysis are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis (PD).

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A kidney transplant can be the best treatment option for someone with advanced kidney disease, but it is not a cure. Ask your doctor if you are a candidate for transplant. If you are, request a referral to a transplant program and start the evaluation as soon as possible.

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Be proactive about your health

Diet and exercise play a vital role in your kidney health. Eating well and staying active can slow the progression of kidney disease, or even stop it from causing more damage. This essential part of treatment requires willpower and self-discipline — but you’re not on your own. With recipes and fitness tips, we’re here to support your journey toward a better, healthier lifestyle.

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Attend a free class



Choices, for people with chronic kidney disease who haven’t started treatment, goes over treatment options. Get answers to your questions and more information before you make a decision on how to treat your kidney disease.

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Eating Well, Living Well

In this class, offered to all people living with chronic kidney disease, you’ll learn all about the kidney-friendly diet and how it can make you feel better. Learn how to create tasty, low-salt meals as well as tips for shopping and eating out.

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What will my first visit be like?

Your doctor makes plans for your first treatment. What you’ll experience at this visit depends on the type of dialysis you’ve chosen and whether you plan to dialyze in one of our centers or at home.

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Additional resources

Renal Support

An organization of patients offering ways to stay informed, get support and remain encouraged.

National Kidney Foundation

This voluntary nonprofit provides a wealth of useful information on preventing, treating and living healthily with kidney disease.

American Diabetes Association

Diabetes is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease. Find out ways to monitor your diabetes and stay healthy.

American Association of Kidney Patients

A patient education organization, offering information via its FAQs, blog, downloadable guides and online library.