Donor Stories

Donor support makes it possible for us to provide additional patient care services, run education programs and conduct life-changing research. Here from some of our donors below.

Bill and Pam Ayer

“Seattle, the University of Washington and Northwest Kidney Centers have kept building on what we had when dialysis had its roots here in the ’60s. They haven’t stopped and they sure aren’t resting on their laurels. People care about this disease, and this is the place to invest to get results, to continue this excellence.”

— Bill Ayer with wife Pam, who is living with a kidney transplant. The Ayers chaired Northwest Kidney Centers’ 2014 Discovery Gala.

Clarence Huang

“Between dialysis and her transplant, Susan got eight more years,” says Clarence, who attended nearly every one of his wife’s dialysis treatments. “We’re so grateful for that. Those were very precious years. I treasure those years so much. The most important decision my wife made was to support this (dialysis) program as long as possible. She made the pledge. I’m simply administering it and will continue to do so. I’m a great fan of this organization and the people who work there.”

– Clarence Huang

Dr. Rajnish Mehrotra

“What still impresses me is how successful Northwest Kidney Centers has been in engaging the community in Seattle about the well-being of patients with kidney disease. It’s really remarkable. And they are committed to educating people with kidney disease, to teaching them how to live successfully with it.”

— Dr. Rajnish Mehrotra, division of nephrology section chief at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center and an investigator at the Kidney Research Institute.

Michele Saegesser

“Must say it would have been very easy to go on disability but I knew the minute I took that route that I would have given up on ever getting better.”

— Michele Saegesser, transplant recipient and vice president of North and South American sales for cruise-ship company Viking River Cruises, a sponsor of our annual gala to support kidney disease research.

Dr. Cyrus Cryst

I’m proud to be associated with a dialysis provider that’s nonprofit and that puts energy back into the community with extra training, teaching and extra services for its patients beyond the minimum provided by for-profits.

— Dr. Cyrus Cryst, medical director at our Port Angeles Kidney Center and member of Northwest Kidney Centers Foundation Board.