Working to beautify our community

During national volunteer week in April, members of our leadership team kicked off a green space stewardship project at a community green space near our Rainier Beach Kidney Center. Our project partner is the Rainier Beach Action Coalition, which works to improve community safety, increase resources and build opportunities for neighborhood residents. The ongoing project includes trimming bushes, pruning trees, digging up blackberry brambles, raking leaves and picking up litter.


Coach Vic of the Rainier Beach Action Coalition with CMO Suzanne Watnick with other NKC and community members.


King Nisby of Rainier Beach Action Coalition and Rebecca Fox, Northwest Kidney Centers President and CEO.


Members of the project group: De’Shaun Valdry, Ryan Croone, Syrenka Slettebak, Robin Larmer, Stephanie Pitts, Rebecca Fox, Marsha Heaton, Coach Vic Roberson, Suzanne Watnick, King Nisby and Liz McNamara.


Vice President of Legal Affairs Robin Larmer in foreground with Syrenka Slettebak, Rebecca Fox and other NKC and community members.


The site of the community green space beautification project is located at 44th Ave S and S Thistle St..