Nonprofit Dialysis Provider Northwest Kidney Centers to Partner with Neway for Dialysis Laboratory Services

SEATTLE, WA.  – May 1, 2024 – Northwest Kidney Centers, the nation’s second largest nonprofit dialysis provider, announced today that it has chosen Neway, LLC as its partner to provide laboratory services for in-center and home dialysis patients.

Seattle-based Northwest Kidney Centers will access the Neway with Quest Diagnostics® lab network through the Neway Dialysis Lab Stewardship Program®, which is powered by the Neway eLabs Platform®. Through this powerful combination, Northwest Kidney Centers will be able to better serve its patients with more accurate and timely lab results, while also gaining global laboratory cost of care control.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with Neway to enhance the dialysis experience for our nearly 2,000 patients,” said Rebecca Fox, president and CEO of Northwest Kidney Centers. “With Neway’s eLab technology platform, lab stewardship program, and the Neway with Quest Diagnostics vast network, we hope to make patient care more efficient and ultimately more effective.”

“We feel Northwest Kidney Centers is the perfect Neway partner to demonstrate a positive change in our dialysis industry through shared values of stewardship, innovation, and excellence in a patient-first dialysis model,” said Bryan Thompson, founder and CEO of Neway, LLC. “We are honored to team up with Northwest Kidney Centers to be a part of their mission, commitment, and rich history as a pillar of the dialysis community.”

About Northwest Kidney Centers

Northwest Kidney Centers is a not-for-profit, community-based provider of kidney dialysis, public health education and research into the causes and treatments of chronic kidney disease. Founded in Seattle in 1962, it was the world’s first outpatient dialysis organization and today is the eighth largest dialysis provider in the United States serving nearly 2,000 patients a year in 20 dialysis centers and eight hospitals in the Puget Sound region.

Northwest Kidney Centers’ mission is to promote the optimal health, quality of life and independence of people with kidney disease. Patients at Northwest Kidney Centers have access to an outpatient pharmacy specializing in the needs of patients on dialysis, with kidney transplants and chronic kidney disease, and the first-in-the-nation kidney palliative care program. For more information, visit

About Neway

Neway is the U.S. leader in value-based care for dialysis labs, helping dialysis programs achieve better financial outcomes while increasing the quality and velocity of patient care.

The Neway Dialysis Lab Stewardship Program® helps dialysis providers maximize lab revenue, lower lab fees, and receive global lab cost-of-care control. Neway works with the provider’s care team to optimize lab order set and adhere to CMS guidelines, while eliminating wasteful and excessive testing, which lowers overall lab fees and maximizes dialysis lab earnings.

Neway with Quest Diagnostics® delivers next-day lab results and emergency preparedness. Dialysis clinics draw patient specimens using Quest Diagnostics collection protocols that preserve specimen integrity and minimize blood degradation, an important detail on dialysis Hemoglobin and Potassium results. Quest Diagnostics logistic teams pick up specimens on the same day to be processed locally or regionally and results are delivered the next day. Working with Quest Diagnostics’ extensive network of laboratories and emergency preparedness protocols, Neway sustains the velocity of patient care through unforeseen events such as natural disasters, labor strikes, and pandemics.

The Neway eLabs Platform® is a modern lab ordering and reporting tool developed from years of clinical dialysis lab expertise. It’s user friendly and improves dialysis lab draw workflows by reducing clicks and screen time, offering real-time critical alerts, dashboards, draw calendars, and the highest level of cyber security for PHI & HIPAA. For more information, visit