In Honor of the Jenell Long and Sam Cook Wedding

Patty and Sherman Cook


Family and Friends,

Jenell and I want to thank you for taking the time to peruse our site, and join us in our celebration. In planning our festivities, it occurred to us that we have more “stuff” than we need already. Therefore, we are asking everyone to please, PLEASE not bring any wedding gifts. We are both very blessed and have far more than we need. We did figure that there would be some of you that would have difficulty with this. So, for these people, we are asking that in lieu of a gift you please make a donation to Northwest Kidney Centers in memory of my father, Sherman L Cook Jr. For those of you that never got a chance to meet my dad, I’m including a brief recap of some of the things that made my dad who he was… a wonderful man.

Sherman Lloyd Cook Jr. was born on November 8th, 1943, to Sherman L Cook Sr. and Jessie J Cook. He grew up in Spokane, and graduated from the University of Idaho. He served our country in the United States Army from 1966 to 1975, where he fought bravely in the Vietnam War and received numerous decorations. Afterward he became a family man, and was very actively involved in the lives of his wife and three children. He was also a Christian, devoting much of his time to his church family. Dad was a great guy, one of those “always there for you” kind of people. His military service led to a long battle with some complicated medical problems. He was on dialysis for many years, and Northwest Kidney Centers was a great resource for him and our family. He died on July 19th, 2004, and I miss him very much. It would mean a lot to us to remember Dad by making a small donation to them. Thank you again for being a part of our celebration.

Much love,
Sam and Jenell

Make a donation in honor of Sam and Jenell/ in memory of Sherman