Caring for patients, caring for caregivers –
you can help!

A time of great need

Needless to say the COVID-19 pandemic has put a significant burden on our patients and staff and strained our resources.

Our wonderful community of supporters has been asking how to help! These are our most critical needs:

  • Caring for our patients. You can help us meet our patients’ most critical needs. These include transportation to and from dialysis; emergency help with food, shelter and warmth; medications and nutritional supplements. With your gift, our patients can focus on their health and get the life-saving treatment they need.
  • Caring for our caregivers. The need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies is urgent. PPE keeps our staff safe. Staff face emergent needs outside of work, too. With children out of school and a spouse or family member out of work, they need help with unplanned childcare costs and other basic needs.

Your generous gift today will ensure that our patients receive care and our staff are here to care for them. Together we will weather this storm! We look forward to celebrating with you when COVID-19 is behind us.