Is it time to learn more about home dialysis?

Charles Bowden and his wife, Tessa, preparing for home dialysis. Charles recently received a kidney transplant.

Last July, the White House proposed a new vision for treating kidney disease in the Advancing American Kidney Health initiative. Among its goals is to transition 80% of new kidney-failure patients to home dialysis by 2025.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused most of us to shift our routines, and it has a lot of people thinking about how comfortable it might be to get dialysis in the comfort of home, with more ability to prevent exposure to the virus. Or to receive a kidney transplant and have even more flexibility in life choices.

Northwest Kidney Centers can help. We operate the country’s oldest home dialysis program. When we opened in the 1960s, most treatments had to be at home because there simply weren’t enough clinics. So we have long experience helping people succeed with home dialysis.

People on PD (peritoneal dialysis) or home hemodialysis:

  • Feel less “washed out” after treatment
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Have fewer and shorter hospital stays
  • Live longer

Home dialysis is also considerably less expensive than in-center treatment, which is good for the health care system overall.

“When I started hearing and reading about home dialysis. I said, `I want to do that,’ so my wife and I took the home dialysis introduction class at Northwest Kidney Centers. It’s really brought us closer together,” said Chuck Bowden, who dialyzed at home five days a week prior to his recent kidney transplant.

If you’re on dialysis, self-treatment at home could give you more independence and flexibility. You can choose the method and schedule that fits with all your other activities. The equipment is simple and portable, so you can work and travel.

We provide:

  • One-on-one training with a registered nurse
  • 24-hour phone access to nurses who can answer your questions
  • In-home visits, nutritional support and ongoing guidance
  • Supplies delivered directly to you

Learn more about home dialysis could improve your life.