In Memory of Marian Luella Neumayer Bruntz

1926 - 2016

Marian Luella Neumayer Bruntz passed away on January 11, 2016 at 89 years of age. Marian and her husband Larry Neumayer were instrumental with the inception of a Home Dialysis Unit in 1966. Larry had Chronic Kidney Disease, and he and Marian found themselves willing candidates and choices for the home training program. It was called the “Artificial Kidney” in those days and with no medical training they took on the task and successfully had a Dialysis Machine at home for many years.

It is a story of triumph but not without true grit, many sleepless nights, and crushing despair at times. The good news is that they became ambassadors for Northwest Kidney Centers in hopes that Dialysis would be available to anyone of need. The dream came true for them and Marian continued to support the Northwest Kidney Centers by volunteering for several years. She was a hospitable and compassionate listener to anyone in the same situation and made friends around the world.

Please help honor this commitment and keep dreams and hopes alive today with a gift in her memory.

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