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for kidney patients.

Make your year-end gift today to support patients like Latina.

Latina Brooks is a Northwest Kidney Centers home hemodialysis patient, single mother, student, and advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Three years ago, Latina was shocked to receive a diagnosis of end stage renal disease and a recommendation from her doctor to begin dialysis immediately. Unsure of what to expect, she began receiving treatment at our Lake City clinic where she found a friendly and welcoming staff ready to help her adjust to life on dialysis. For the past two years, Latina has been giving herself dialysis at home, making the switch after completing one-on-one training with a registered nurse and gaining confidence in her ability to take control of her treatment.

Today she is as busy as ever: she continues to work and has resumed her pursuit of a degree in social work, which she plans to be studying at the University of Washington fall quarter in 2016.

Latina’s experience with Northwest Kidney Centers exemplifies the real impact of your gifts: beyond the funding your gift today provides for our programs, you are supporting the people who rely on these programs.

Thank you for your gift, and for your support of our patients in their journey to better health. We wish you and your family a very happy and healthful new year!