Volunteer Program

Every year, hundreds of volunteers donate thousands of hours of their time to raising awareness, educating the community, supporting our fundraising efforts, and helping patients and staff in clinical units and departments.
We couldn't achieve nearly as much without our volunteers.

Volunteer positions

Throughout the year, we rely on hundreds of volunteers to help with events, support staff and patients in clinical units and assist with office projects. Here are some of the volunteer opportunities available at Northwest Kidney Centers:


Event volunteers

We host a variety of events throughout the year to educate people on kidney disease, raise money for our services and support people whose lives have been affected by kidney disease. To make these events successful, we need many volunteers to help with registration, greeting, refreshments, setup, take-down, and more.


Office volunteers

Volunteer positions are sometimes available in our administrative offices. As an office volunteer, you might help with mailing projects, organizing files, data entry, updating documents or other special projects.


Dialysis center volunteers

At times, we also need volunteers to work in our dialysis clinics. Dialysis center volunteers help the clinical staff unpack and stock medical supplies, answer phones and assist with patients.


Laptop tutors

Our dialysis units are equipped with laptops for patients to use while they receive treatment. Laptop tutors help patients use the computers and access the internet.


Community outreach

Outreach volunteers work with at-risk communities at health fairs and other events to raise awareness of kidney disease and improve kidney health.


Volunteer requirements

  • Dialysis center volunteers and laptop tutors must be at least 16 years old.
  • We ask that you commit to volunteering at Northwest Kidney Centers for a minimum of three months.
  • Please note that Northwest Kidney Centers does not accept court-ordered community service volunteers.


Steps to become a volunteer:

1. Contact the program manager by phone or email (see below).

2. Complete a volunteer application packet.

3. Schedule an interview with the program manager.

4. Consent to a Washington State Patrol background check, national background check and reference check.

5. Consent to tuberculosis screening.


Learn more

For more information, contact Syrenka Slettebak, manager of community programs and health outreach, at 206-720-8540 or syrenka.slettebak@nwkidney.org.


Dennis Johnson

Volunteer of the Year


Congratulations to Dennis Johnson, Northwest Kidney Centers’ 2020 volunteer of the year.

A kidney transplant recipient as well as an Aikido student and instructor, Dennis is a true inspiration. He was diagnosed with kidney disease while in college, and doctors told him he’d likely be on dialysis within five years.

Dennis chose at that point to make significant changes. He began eating whole grains, stayed away from processed foods and stopped adding salt to meals; he does admit to a weakness for pastries. He also returned to long-distance running at that time.

He was able to stave off dialysis for 36 years while he enjoyed a successful career as an organizational psychologist and executive coach. Dennis became involved with Northwest Kidney Centers when dialysis became necessary and has volunteered steadily for seven years.

“We are grateful for his support and dedication. He is a joy to be around and a pleasure to work with,” says Syrenka Slettebak, who oversees volunteers at Northwest Kidney Centers.

“He’s committed to educating the community about kidney health, kidney disease, dialysis, organ donation and transplantation. He also helps out at special events and with office projects and mailings,” says Slettebak.