2017 Discovery Gala-post-event

Transforming Lives Through Research

Thanks to our donors and friends, $760,700 was raised for kidney disease research at the Discovery Gala on Saturday October 28, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue.




This year’s artwork is a human mini-kidney as it appears magnified 200X under a fluorescence microscope. The mini-kidney contains cells (blue) that self-organize into tubes (green), filter units (red) and blood vessels (yellow).


Photos from the Discovery Gala

Raising bid cards and money for kidney research.
Northwest Kidney Centers president and CEO Joyce Jackson , Gala co-chairs Russ Stepp and Annie Grus and Northwest Kidney Centers VP of Development and Public Relations Jane Pryor (from left).
Going once, going twice…
Putting hands together for kidney research.
Thumbs up for research from a kidney donor and recipient.
Everybody wins when medicine advances!

Bold research is here now, in space tomorrow

Watch this video about the exciting horizons of kidney research


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